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The Home Organisation is London’s leading home organisation company. Our organisers provide decluttering and organising services for people in, or moving into Hammersmith & Fulham. We’re here to help you get your home organised.

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We declutter and organise homes and businesses across the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, from pantry cupboards to whole houses.


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Our reviews

21 October 2023
I am extremely happy with the services of the Home Organisation company. Monica and Eve were wonderful they decluttered and organised my living room and Hallway with expertise and speed in which I would not have been able to do. I plan to call them back to help with other rooms.
Miriam Grant
6 October 2023
So helpful! We got through much more in a day than I was expecting. Very friendly and efficient service. Would highly recommend.
Jamie Freed
4 October 2023
Laura and her team at The Home Organization are magicians! They organized my dressing room after moving into my new home and the results are better than I could have ever imagined. The team was professional, incredibly thoughtful, thorough and fast! They also organized a next day collection of items to be donated to charity. After a 20 year career in fashion, they really had their work cut out for them. I highly recommend them!
Ariana R
21 September 2023
The Home Organization team was exceptional, extremely helpful, professional, and diligent. Every detail was well thought through and they made our move a breeze! Thank you!
12 September 2023
Had a great experience with these guys, I had my newborn with me which I thought might make things difficult but they were super efficient and did all the hard work. My bedroom is the most organised and tidy it has ever been. I reckon I will get them in at least every year to keep on top of the clutter
Susan Andonovski
8 September 2023
Laura and her team were fantastic and did such a wonderful job getting my new home organised. I highly recommend them. Thanks again.
Jennifer Gerber
2 September 2023
Can’t thank you enough for helping us unpack - the kitchen and linen closet looked amazing ( love the labels!) and Monica and Sabbah were so lovely to have around! Can’t wait to have them back to tackle more rooms!
Candice Oliveira
22 August 2023
Laura and her team are exceptional. Very reliable, full of practical solution based ideas and absolutely lovely to work with. There have done a couple of projects for me (playroom and kitchen) and everything now has a place with a system and some wonderful labelling! I will continue to use them when I am feeling overwhelmed and need some assistance getting on top of things in the house. Highly recommend them!
Tricia Allen
7 August 2023
I was incredibly pleased with The Home Organisation's job on my new kitchen! Jess and Monica worked diligently to help me reduce clutter and edit my existing kitchen and dining possessions with smiles and friendly dispositions. I was dreading this project, but they made it a fun, cathartic and productive exercise! My kitchen looks great, everything has a sensible home, and the pantry stock is labelled! It makes my (and the family's) life much easier now. Worth the investment!
Ella Blamey
1 July 2023
We asked The Home Organisation to organise some very messy cupboards for us. They were incredible! Everything now has a home and is categorised. It has changed our lives. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

We cover all the local areas in Hammersmith & Fulham

Brook Green
Hammersmith Broadway
North End
Palace Riverside
Parsons Green
Ravenscourt Park
Sands End
Shepherd’s Bush
White City

Why choose The Home Organisation

Tailored to you

We create a customised plan that works for you and the
way you live, taking the time to understand how you
want your home to look, feel and function. 


No matter the size of the project, we provide hands-on step-by-step support, guiding you through what’s needed to get the results you want.


Trust is the foundation of what we do. We work with you to really understand what you need, and we work with 100% discretion.


We create systems which are easy to maintain and will stand the test of time!

Our Trusted Process


Book a consultation

Start with a free video consultation to walk around your home with an organiser, and talk about what you want to change.


PLAN your service

We’ll work closely with you to identify what you need, and create a customised plan for your home which is perfect for you and the way you want to live.



We’ll help you edit and declutter anything you no longer want in your home.


Transform your space

We’ll organise your things to create a simplified, functional and efficient space that is easy to maintain, and gives you the space you need to enjoy your home.


We work across the whole of Greater London and the main cities, towns and their surrounds in Hertfordshire, Essex, Berkshire, Surrey and Kent.

Decluttering is the process of deciding what you want to keep in your home. Your decisions will be affected by how much you use something, whether you need to keep things for legal or practical reasons, what you love to have around you to make life joyful, and, of course, how much space you have.

Our team will help you make those decluttering decisions. We work to break down what can feel like an overwhelming task, into smaller actions to reach your goal. We’ll help you decide what you want to keep, donate or throw/recycle and then we’ll help you get anything you no longer want out of your home as quickly as possible!

When our clients first call us, they’re often feeling overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with it alone. Whether you’ve tried to organise yourself and never managed to make a difference, can’t get started or don’t have time, working with a professional could help.

Far from being something you should be able to do yourself, decluttering and organising are learned skills. A professional will help you to break the tasks down into manageable actions. They’ll make a focussed plan to keep things moving towards your goal, offer support and guidance, will keep you motivated, and will do all of the boxing, bagging, sorting and putting away.

We often hear clients say “this must be the worst house you’ve ever seen”. Our job is never to judge, but to act as discreet and trusted partners to help you find a way through the clutter and make your life better.

When we have our initial consultation, we’ll get to know you and your space. We’ll talk about your goals, and create a tailored estimate for you.

Every project is different, but here are some possible timeframes for your organising project:

Wardrobe, 7-14 hours

Playroom, 14-21 hours

Kitchen, 14-28 hours

Utility room, 7-14 hours

Dressing room, 14-28 hours

Study with filing, 21+ hour

Our organisers work as a team to achieve the best results as quickly as possible for you.

Every project is different, so following our free consultation, we’ll create a tailored estimate for the time needed to complete your project.

Many clients want their whole house decluttered. Where this is the case, we’ll break it down by space, creating an estimate for each, starting with your highest priority area, and building on this to create the home that lets you live your calm and clutter-free life!

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