A Spacious Nursery in Cobham


With two young children and a busy schedule, our client wanted help sorting through old and unused baby clothes and preparing the nursery for her youngest to move in to.



Favourite Feature

The wardrobe boxes!

Number of Hours

1 day

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To edit baby clothes and organise the nursery.

Our client had lots of baby clothes from her two children. She wanted to edit them and work out what to keep and what to donate. She also wanted to set up the nursery so her youngest son could have his own space that was really well organised and could adapt as he grew.

After the initial edit we chose to store the pieces that were sentimental in lidded, plastic boxes in the loft, freeing up space in the nursery. We categorised and labelled her son’s current clothes in the chest of drawers and added a basket in the wardrobe to store clothes that needed to be donated once they became too small, so they could be quickly filtered out.

Our client needed a way to separate and store clothes for her youngest to grow into so we labelled baskets by age and season. This meant she could easily replace the current clothes when they got too small – and they looked beautiful too!

"Wow the girls have done such an amazing job today! I felt so emotional when I saw it all finished, it’s just such a relief to finally have a nice for my son and all of the things he actually needs! I can’t wait to start using his bedroom again!"

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