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Make room to simplify your life

Our team of professional declutterers will create a simpler, calmer home to give you space for the things you love.

Professional organiser decluttering kitchen


Decluttering the things you no longer need gives you more space for living in your home. More space for the things which mean a lot to you, and more space to breathe.

Beautifully decluttered kitchen drawer


Our simple systems create more of the precious time you need to focus on the important things in life. And you’ll never lose your car keys amongst all the mess again!

Decluttered bedroom in London


With a clear and calm home, you can relax and enjoy it. Remove the burden of an unmanageable to do list, and enjoy your home the way you want to, with friends, family and the things you love.

The Home Organisation has a 5* rating on Google and is a member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

Beautifully organised kitchen drawer


We create a customised plan that works for you and the way you live, taking the time to understand how you want your home to look, feel and function.


No matter the size of the project, our professional organisers provide hands-on step-by-step help and support, guiding you through what’s needed to get the results you want.


Trust is the foundation of what we do. We work with you to really understand what you need, and we work with 100% discretion.


We create systems which are easy to maintain and will stand the test of time!


Our team will help you decide what you want, need or love to have in your home, so you can let go of the rest.


We’ll use our skills and experience to create and organise storage solutions that work for you. We’ll think of all of the little details, so it feels just right.


We’ll help you to refine, organise and style your wardrobe or dressing room, so you feel relaxed, confident and happy every time you open the door.

Home Moves

Our expert team of organisation professionals will unpack and get you organised, so you can get on with enjoying life in your new home, effortlessly.

Decluttered and organised closet


We declutter and organise homes and businesses across London and the South of England, from pantry cupboards to whole houses.


We offer decluttering services and professional organising across Greater London and the main cities, towns and surrounding areas in Hertfordshire, Essex, Berkshire, Surrey and Kent.

Decluttering is the process of deciding what you want to keep in your home. Your decisions will be affected by how much you use something, whether you need to keep things for legal or practical reasons, what you love to have around you to make life joyful, and, of course, how much space you have.

Our team will help you make those decluttering decisions. We work to break down what can feel like an overwhelming task, into smaller actions to reach your goal. We’ll help you decide what you want to keep, donate or throw/recycle and then we’ll help you get anything you no longer want out of your home as quickly as possible!

The sense of being overwhelmed by clutter can vary greatly between individuals. For some it’s things falling out of cupboards, for others it’s a sense of things never quite being tidy, or a sense of fighting a lonely, losing battle against mess.

When our clients first call us, they’re often feeling overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with it alone. Whether you’ve tried to declutter yourself and never managed to make a difference, can’t get started or don’t have time, working with a decluttering service could help.

Far from being something you should be able to do yourself, decluttering and organising are learned skills. A professional service will help you to break the tasks down into manageable actions. They’ll make a focussed plan to keep things moving towards your goal, offer support and guidance, will keep you motivated, and will do all of the boxing, bagging, sorting and putting away.

We often hear clients say “this must be the worst house you’ve ever seen”. The role of a professional organiser is never to judge, but to act as discreet and trusted partners to help you find a way through the clutter and make your life better.

When we have our initial consultation session, we’ll get to know you and your space. We’ll talk about your goals, and create a tailored estimate for you.

Every project is different, but here are some possible timeframes for your organising project:

Wardrobe, 7-14 hours

Playroom, 14-21 hours

Kitchen, 14-28 hours

Utility room, 7-14 hours

Dressing room, 14-28 hours

Study with filing, 21+ hour

Our organisers work as a team to achieve the best results as quickly as possible for you.

Following our free consultation, we’ll create a tailored estimate for the time needed to complete your project.

Many clients want their whole house decluttered. Where this is the case, we’ll break it down by space, creating an estimate for each, starting with your highest priority area, and building on this to create the home that lets you live your calm and clutter-free life!

We don’t provide domestic cleaning services, but after completing a declutter, clients often look to book a deep clean with one of our carefully vetted service providers.

As part of our standard decluttering services, we will book a rubbish clearance to remove any junk items or personal belongings which are unsuitable for donation to charity.

A person with hoarding behaviours may need the help of a medical professional, rather than a professional declutterer alone. If needed, we can provide the details of a suitable service during our initial call.

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