A pre-move edit with The Home Organisation

We like to make moving house as simple as possible. Getting organised on the way out of your old home can take so many headaches out of settling into the new. 

Here’s how we helped a client in Surrey Quays, London SW16, with an upcoming, international move. 

The Move

We’ve been working with a family of four, who are planning a move to the US in a few months. They’ve travelled and moved a lot over the past few years – to different continents and different climates. 

They have things in boxes which have been unopened since their return to the UK, and have struggled to feel settled and organised in their London home. Before their next move, they wanted to get to grips with what they had, and organise their home to make packing, and unpacking, simple.

The Process

Our focus was on making packing straightforward and organised. Category by category, we first took absolutely everything out. We sorted through and grouped items within each space to make decluttering super easy for our client. This can often be an overwhelming part of the process, but knowing you’re only going to be moving what you want to have in your home, is well worth it! 

Once the editing had been done, and clear categories had been created, we began putting things away. There are still a few months before the move, so we weren’t ready to pack things into boxes just yet, but wanted to create clear systems so that the move would be as orderly as possible. 

Where before bathroom products and medicines had been in several places throughout the house, we designated a single area for these, with only the essentials elsewhere – Calpol and plasters always need to be grabbable with kids around! We did the same with the linens, tools, toys, arts and crafts…making sure that there was a single home for each of these categories, so when the time comes, they can be easily boxed up and moved, with no catch-all boxes of random items needed!

When categorising for a move, there may be different things to consider. For this family, having the children settled in quickly is really important, but it might be a quick set up of your home office to get back to work asap, or having everything prepared for a new baby. Keeping this in mind, we want to make sure that these areas are in the best shape for unpacking in a quick and organised way. 

The last step of the project is always to arrange a collection of items for donation, and to clear out the rubbish. One of our major goals in a Pre-Move Edit is to avoid moving things which aren’t needed in the new home, so getting those unwanted items packed up and out is the final step to a smooth transition from old home to new. 

If you’re interested in a Pre-Move Edit, get in touch to find out how The Home Organisation can help.

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