Giving the gift of an organised home

Some presents will be remembered forever, and some presents flop, but it’s so hard to tell which will be which! 

Giving gifts is a real skill. As organisers we see a lot of unwanted presents hiding in the back of cupboards, adding to the feeling of clutter or disorganisation in a home. Our clients often struggle to let go of these gifts because the memory of receiving them, or the affection they feel for the giver, makes them feel guilty for not actually liking the gift. 


We all want to give gifts that our friends and family love, and wise people say that the magic formula for a great gift is to find something that the person really wants (but maybe won’t buy for themselves), and that you’re uniquely able to give them. You are the one to recognise their desire, and you’re able to fulfil that. 

It’s also true that what the receiver of a gift really wants is something that they’ll get value out of over a long period of time. The novelty socks may get a chuckle on the day, but a present that will be appreciated for months or years will always be the winner. 


The gift of an organised home is a uniquely personal one, and an experience that can transform the way your friend lives. If your loved one needs a helping hand to make their home work for them, or just wants to elevate their home to something they LOVE, organisation will truly make a difference to their life and their wellbeing for years to come. 

The gift of practical help is a great one for  

  • A friend who’s recently had a baby and wants some help to keep on top of things
  • A partner who juggles multiple responsibilities (or children!) and is frustrated by their home
  • A friend who wants to elevate their wardrobe into something Instagrammably beautiful
  • A parent who wants to organise their paperwork, or years of photos, and doesn’t know where to start

Whatever the occasion, there are so many times when we all want a helping hand to ease the overwhelm, or to create a home that we really love and are itching to show off. 


Of course, you need to be sure that it’s something that they really want (we want them to be delighted, not offended!), so we have designed our gifts to be as flexible as you need them to be.

Organisation Coaching Gift

Perfect for the person who really wants to know how to get organised, but doesn’t quite know where to start. Whether it’s a wardrobe, kitchen, playroom or office, we’ll guide your giftee through every step of editing and organising their space to create a room that is a perfect fit for them and the way they live in their home. 

With a pre-session welcome call, we’ll spend time getting to know what your friend or loved one really wants. We’ll create a tailored plan for them and, in our 2.5 hour session, we’ll guide them through the entire editing and organising process, teaching them the skills they need and giving them detailed advice tailored to their home, every step of the way. 

Organisation Session

If your giftee wants to just enjoy the big reveal of a full transformation, we’ll be delighted to step in and do what we do best!

We want this gift to be the best one your loved one has ever received, so with a few photos to work from, we can estimate what’s needed to transform a space and help you decide how best to create a gift package that they’ll truly love. 

Whatever they want their organisation journey to look like, we’ll be there to help. So be a present-choosing hero, and give them a gift they’ll never forget! 

If you’d like to order a gift card for someone special, get
in touch and we’ll be only too happy to help.

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