How to save time getting your kids dressed in the morning

August 11, 2023

children's bedroom

Most busy parents often help their kids get dressed in the morning. But if you have to get everyone out of the house, this extra task is slowing you down.

So much time is wasted in the morning trying to get the kids dressed, so it’s a problem we need to solve!

First, you need to see things the way your kids do. Yes, they may get distracted along the way, but simply navigating a wardrobe and solving the puzzle of what to wear can be a minefield of problems for a little kid.

  • They can’t reach. The clothes they need are on hangers, but can they reach the rail or see the labels?
  • They don’t know what’s theirs. Are their clothes jumbled together in a space they share with siblings?
  • There are clothes they can’t wear. Are things worn out, or too small or too big?
  • The wardrobe is too full. Are they able to see the things they need?

Understanding this gives us a chance to make some changes and set them up for success (and an easier morning for you!).

Create some room

Don’t leave old clothes in the drawers or wardrobe where they take up valuable space and make things harder to find. Go through the rails and drawers and get rid of anything that is worn out or doesn’t fit. Ideally you’re looking for things to be no more than 80% full. Separate out what can be donated, passed on or recycled. Keep a box or basket in the bottom of the wardrobe so you can do this regularly.

Make clothes accessible

Most wardrobes have hanging rails designed for adults. If you can, lower these so your kids can reach easily or keep a small step nearby (choose a collapsible one if you’re low on space). Can they see and reach into top drawers? If not, keep the most commonly used items in the lower drawers.

Use the right hangers

Large hangers are tricky to use with small clothes – both putting the clothes on them and taking them off. Instead, use hangers designed for children’s clothes. Choose flock hangers so clothes don’t slip off and end up on the floor, making things difficult to find.

Create a space for each child

If your children share a wardrobe, but not clothes, designate a space in the wardrobe or drawers for each child. For hanging clothes, use different colour hangers or wardrobe dividers so each child’s clothes can be identified at a glance.

Sort by type

Create clear areas within the wardrobes and drawers for each type of clothing (trousers, t-shirts, skirts etc), using labels and drawer dividers or inserts to keep the spaces defined.

The bonus is that not only does this help your child to find what they’re looking for quickly and without taking everything out, but it helps them to learn where things go when it’s time to put things away!

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