Decluttering: what is it, and who needs it?

Decluttering. It’s a word that you’ll increasingly find scattered across interiors magazines, and on TV, but if you’re wondering what it really means, what’s involved, and if it’s something you should be doing, read on!


Decluttering (sometimes referred to as home editing) is the process of making decisions about what deserves to take up valuable space in your home (and your brain), and letting go, physically and mentally of anything that doesn’t need to be there. It’s about taking care of the environment you live in to take care of yourself. 


Living in a busy home, with a busy life, makes staying in control of it all difficult. It can often feel like your home is just another thing you have to deal with, and you can’t catch up with your ever-growing to-do-list.

If any of the below sound familiar to you, it’s probably time to declutter!

  • Are things falling out when you open the kitchen cupboards? Are there small (or big!) piles of things on the worktops and shelves, with nowhere to live? Can you never find the things you’re looking for? Do you feel like there’s too much “stuff” everywhere?
  • Do you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle against your home, and you’re never able to get ahead of the mess (even with cleaners, housekeepers or nannies to help)? 
  • Are you moving house and dreading what you’ll find when you pack and unpack?

“Everyone is different, so your idea of clutter might be another person’s idea of heaven. ”

The purpose of decluttering is not to just get rid of things, it’s to create a home that has the right balance of space and things for you


Decluttering done well starts small with a single room or space (even a box, a drawer or a shelf) – whichever part of your home it is that feels cluttered and creates a sense of overburden and stress. 

It’s about looking at every single thing in that space, and answering three simple questions, honestly.

  • Do I use it? (kettle, alarm clock, iron…)
  • Do I need it? (passport, birth certificate, car registration documents..)
  • Do I love it? (your child’s first drawing, the dress that you feel amazing in, the family photos that make you smile…)

If, when you’re looking at something in your home, you can’t positively answer one of those questions, it’s a strong indication that you don’t need that item in your life. It’s taking up valuable space in your home, without giving back any value in return. 

Those are the things that should be decluttered. They can leave your home, and you won’t even miss them. 


If you’re fired up and ready to start, take a look at this article: 8 tips for decluttering for some tips. 

If you want to make your home better, but aren’t sure you can do it yourself though, then don’t worry. 

So often, people tell us that they’re completely overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering their homes. Others say that finding the time to focus on it is impossible. Others still worry that they won’t ever manage it by themselves. 

Whatever is holding you back from decluttering your home, doesn’t need to stop you. It might just be time to talk to a professional. A good decluttering company should be able to determine how they can help you, and come up with a plan for your home, in a quick video call. Then it’s simply a case of seeing if you work well together, and going from there until you have the home that feels just right for you! 

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