Organising a bathroom cupboard

This article gives a series of useful tips to help edit and organise your bathroom cupboards, creating space so you have neither overpacked cabinets or cluttered surfaces. The Home Organisation, along other organising professionals, offered their advice on the best ways to approach sorting a bathroom cupboard.

As a company, we always suggest that any organisation job starts with an edit. This means throwing away anything that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. Bathrooms are major culprits of harbouring out-of-date cosmetics so it was great to share some tips on decluttering a bathroom cupboard.

At The Home Organisation, we appreciate how decluttering and organising even a single cupboard can make a major difference to a room and a home. Even giving just 10 minutes to go through a shelf can help improve your home’s efficiency and aesthetic.

Thank you Ruth Doherty for creating this blog. It is a great one for learning how to declutter your bathroom, and quickly.

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