Ways professional organisers declutter to move house

In this blog discussing decluttering and how it can be fruitful when moving house, professional organisers and other experts offer practical advice on where and how to start.

As a company, home moves are one of our popular services so we are regularly involved in the beginning, middle and end of the move process. We were asked to comment on this blog and chose one of our best decluttering tips to offer up.

Home moves can be one of the most stress-inducing periods of our lives so knowing how to reduce that stress is key to staying on top of it. Decluttering can majorly improve the efficiency of a move as there is no point packing and unpacking clutter you don’t want.

Thank you Tara King for creating the blog and letting us be a part of it. If you’re considering moving house any time soon or you’re just intrigued about the process of decluttering, it is an essential read.

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