6 Expert Tips for Creating a Neat and Efficient Drop Zone in Your House

This article offers up expert tips on how to make a drop zone for bags, shoes and accessories in your hallway. Professional organisers and cleaning experts were asked to contribute to the article, including ourselves. 

When we’re organising hallways, we always like to create a drop-zone for all those items you tend to put down as soon as you enter your home. It was great to share some of the ways we go about this in this article.

At The Home Organisation, our ethos is to make everyday tasks around the home as easy as they can be. Creating a dropzone can transform your hallway and prevent clutter from building up each day. 

Thank you Helen Andriatsitohaina for writing this article. If you’ve been struggling with excess clutter in your hallways and want some tips on how to contain it, this is worth a read.

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