6 Mistakes You’re Making When Having People Over

In this article for Best Life Online, Rebecca Strong divulges some of the key hosting faux-pas that leave your guests feeling awkward and out of place and how to fix them. She asked a range of experts, including etiquette experts, interior designers and home organisers like us, to give their professional opinions and advice. 

One of the common reasons our clients get in touch is because they want to have guests over and entertain but feel they can’t because their home is too cluttered and unorganised. It was great to be able to share our tips on how a few changes to how you organise can help you be a good host. 

Helping people achieve happiness in their homes and be able to share this with others is a huge goal for us at The Home Organisation. Having guests over can be daunting but creating an organised home you’re proud of will help eliminate some of those pre-hosting nerves.

 A big thanks to Rebecca Strong for featuring us in her article. It’s a really interesting piece and offers loads of advice on having people over and being the best host.

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