Bath sheets vs bath towels: What’s the difference?

This blog goes into detail about the key differences between bath sheets and bath towels and compares them in terms of practicality, aesthetics and storage. We were asked to chip into the debate along with a cleaning professional.

When organising bathrooms, we consider the layout of the room and our clients preferences to make storage solutions that work for them. The size and shape of the bath towel/sheet can also be an important factor so it was great to share our thoughts on this blog.

At The Home Organisation, we have to be creative with our storage solutions and think on our feet. Some clients are adamant they want their towels hung and others want them tucked away in a cupboard out of sight. There’s no right way just as long as the bathroom layout works for the household.

A thank you to Eve Smallman for featuring us in her blog. It’s insightful and offers the positives and negatives of both items.

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