Declutter your home checklist

This article offers both in-depth advice on how to declutter but also a room-by-room checklist to ensure you’ve not left any stone unturned when giving your home an organisational overhaul. Along with another professional organising company, we were asked to contribute to the blog and give our top decluttering tips.

If you are wanting to organise, you first must declutter. This is a philosophy we bring to any project we do and it was lovely being able to expand on this via the blog.

Decluttering can often feel daunting, especially if you struggle with the concept of getting rid of things. At The Home Organisation, we want our clients to find decluttering a positive and cathartic experience. It’s all about letting go, both mentally and physically, to create a happier home and a happier you.

Thank you to Cordelia Aspinall for writing the blog. If you’re wanting a drastic change to your living environment, using this organising checklist will help create that through manageable, time efficient tasks.

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