Making your pantry look good

In this article, interior designers and professional organisers offer advice on how to make your pantry look the best it can be. We were asked to contribute and immediately suggested decluttering as a top tip.

Having a minimalist kitchen can create a sleek and modern look that’s great for both entertaining and day-to-day meal prep. We sometimes find our clients try to achieve this look at the cost of over-stuffing their cupboards and pantries, making it impossible to find anything. It was great being able to offer a solution to this in the blog.

At The Home Organisation, we know that decluttering is the quickest and most effective way to improve a cupboard or space. Pantries are a breeding ground for expired and unused ingredients so when they are decluttered, the difference in space can be huge.

Thank you Oonagh Turner for writing the blog. There are some great tips here that we will be trying out ourselves.

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