How To Hide Cords Before a Viewing

In this article in Apartment Therapy, Laura Ratliff talks to a range of experts in the home, from lighting specialists to organisers like us to give a collection of the best ways to manage cables and cords to keep your home looking sleek and attractive during the sale process.

Over years of helping our clients prepare their homes for sale, we’ve seen how much of a difference the details can make, so it’s lovely to be invited to share some of the things we’ve learned to help people get their homes in perfect condition before they start viewings.

At The Home Organisation our goal is to help people combine aesthetics with practical organising methods to make your home look the best, and feel great to live in. Decluttering your home is the advice given by the majority of Estate Agents and Realtors to have the biggest impact on the success of selling your home, and it also helps to make it more liveable while you go through the process.

We were really grateful to Laura Ratliff from Apartment Therapy for getting in touch, it’s a super-useful article, and the tips from others are really practical too, so we might just pinch a few! I hope you enjoy it.

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