How to organise a kitchen and create a tidy cooking space

This article focuses on kitchen appliances, the do’s and don’ts of storing them and creating a sleek kitchen with tidy counters. Home organisers and professional declutterers (like us) were asked to be involved in creating 6 easy-to-follow tips to create a clutter-free kitchen.

One of the biggest issues we see our clients face is having too many kitchen appliances taking up valuable kitchen real-estate. We are constantly tackling this on projects so we really enjoyed sharing our thoughts on the matter via this article.

Unused bread makers and mystery machine attachments do not need to dictate your kitchen layout or counters. It is our mission at The Home Organisation to make sure that if you don’t use/love something, you lose it. Giving away valuable space to something you don’t need just doesn’t make sense, especially when storage is already tight.

Thank you Ruth Doherty for allowing us to feature on this article and offering some really useful tips on how to keep your kitchen tidy and clutter-free.

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