Vacuum cleaner storage mistakes

This blog offers a wide range of storage mistakes and solutions that are really common when trying to find a home for your vacuum. Along with cleaning and organising professionals, we were asked to share our thoughts on the matter.

Throughout our years of organising, vacuum cleaners can be one of the trickiest objects to find a home for. They can be big and awkward and aren’t something you want to have out on display. It’s a common issue our clients face so it was great to share some of our solutions.

No matter how beautiful a room looks, if it’s not practical, it’s not working. At The Home Organisation, we are always looking at the efficiency of a room and how it fits into your daily routine. Having easy access to your vacuum and making sure it’s not crammed away somewhere impractical is vital to having a tidy, happy home.

Thank you Millie Hurst for putting the blog together. It’s a great insight into storing vacuums, what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.

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