This TikToker Has a New Method For Putting On a Duvet Cover You Need to See

This article, written by Rachel MacPherson, is about a TikToker’s unconventional method for putting on a duvet cover. She asked cleaning and home experts like us to give their reaction to the video, as well their own tips and approaches.

At The Home Organisation, we’re always offering our clients advice on how to make their homes easier and more efficient. Duvet covers can be challenging so it was great to share our thoughts in this article.

As a company, we know that organising isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and different clients need different ways of doing things. The same goes for duvet covers, there isn’t a correct way to do it, it’s about finding the technique that works best for you.

Thank you Rachel for putting this article together. It’s a really informative piece on duvet covers and the different ways to approach them.

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