Kitchen Items to Throw Away Right Now

This article talks through 11 unnecessary kitchen items that a lot of us have, taking up valuable cupboard and surface real estate. We were asked to comment along with other professional home organisers and share some of the space-waster items we come across regularly.

Throughout our work, we are always urging our clients to edit their kitchens. It’s the easiest way to create extra space so it was great to be able share some examples for this blog.

More often than not, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s easy for the cupboards to become full with everything you think you need. Part of our process at The Home Organisation is to throw away/recycle anything that is broken, out-of-date, has missing parts or doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. The kitchen is a hotspot for these kinds of items, especially with kitchen appliances and tupperware.

Thank you to Heather Bien for involving us within the blog. If you’re wanting to do a quick edit of your kitchen, take a look for some inspiration on the kinds of things that need to go.

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