A Battersea Kitchen Move-In


After quickly unpacking her kitchen, our client wanted it better organised to be more functional for her family. Her family loved cooking so she wanted a kitchen that made it easy and fun.



Favourite Feature

The snack bar!

Number of Hours

1 day

Services Provided


Number of Organisers

2 organisers


To organise the kitchen after a new house move.

There was a lot of very high storage, so a layout that made daily-use items accessible was important to our client. She had a lot of dry ingredients and spices and wanted them to be categorised and moved closer to the cooking zone.

To keep all the regular items accessible, we used stackable pantry boxes and jars to maximise the available space in the shoulder-height cupboards. We also created a spice drawer next to the cooker that was functional and looked amazing!

Our client’s teenage son hoovers up snacks so we created a snack bar on the counter using a mixture of glass and wooden containers. The sleek design meant the snacks could be accessible without detracting from their beautiful kitchen.

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