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Our client wanted her kitchen, pantry and utility organised so items were easier to find, surfaces were clear and the space was more functional.



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To organise the kitchen, pantry and utility

Our client had lots of storage space but thought it could be used more efficiently. She had built up a lot of cleaning and pantry items she no longer needed and wanted both categories to be decluttered and better organised.

After a big edit, we rearranged the layout of the utility so all cleaning products and appliances were in one area and easily accessible. In the pantry, we moved medication to the utility to create more space for ingredients to be stored and be easier to see. We used lidded boxes to neatly contain canned drinks so they were off the floor.

In the kitchen we created a breakfast station in the concealed larder by grouping cereals, spreads, supplements, dried fruit and nuts. We used a mixture of glass and plastic jars which looked great under the lights. We also created a coffee station above the coffee machine, decanting teas and coffees into beautiful acacia lidded jars.

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