A Busy Kitchen in Enfield


Our client wanted to get the most out of her kitchen and utility room. She spent a lot of time in the kitchen so wanted a space that was functional,l but also looked sleek and stylish.



Favourite Feature

The bamboo-lidded spice jars

Number of Hours

2 days

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To organise the kitchen and create more storage space in the utility for a growing family.

As a keen baker, our client had a lot of ingredients scattered all over the kitchen and needed an area where she could store them all together. She was also about to have her second child and wanted more defined zones in the kitchen to make daily tasks easier for the whole family.

We redesigned the layout of the kitchen so there were clear distinctions between zones. We grouped ingredients together and used stackable decanter jars to maximise the use of space. The surfaces were left clear and minimalist to give a stylish finish.

By installing shelves in the utility, our client could store all of her household, cleaning and utility supplies in one place. Using a mixture of lidded and open boxes allowed us to group smaller items together and keep regularly-used items easy to access.

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