A Chelsea Kitchen and Pantry

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Our client had a busy kitchen used by both family and staff. She wanted it to be well-organised so cooking was streamlined and it was easy to keep track of ingredients.



Favourite Feature

Tea storage

Number of Hours

2 days

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To organise the kitchen and pantry

Our client had new shelves installed in the pantry and we used the space for storing less frequently used items, so the prime space in the kitchen could be more efficient. We also created clearly defined spaces within the cupboards and pantry so anyone who was using the kitchen would know exactly where to find the item they needed.

We moved the tupperware and serveware onto the new shelves which freed up space in the other cupboards. The family bought in bulk so we made a large backstock area to make replacing food items simple. When decanting the pastas, grains, snacks and cereals we used chalk pens to write down the brand name, cooking and expiry time to make monitoring the rotation of ingredients easier.

Our client’s family loved tea so we used acrylic tea caddies to display their collection beautifully on the kitchen counter. Any tea backstock was categorised and stored together so it could be easy to replace.

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