A Chiswick Kitchen


Our client’s wife was away for a few days and we were asked to edit and streamline the kitchen as a surprise for her birthday. Our client wanted clutter reduced and the design more functional for daily tasks.



Favourite Feature

The extra-long pantry boxes

Number of Hours

1 day

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To declutter the kitchen and redesign the layout.

Having lived there for a couple years, our client had a few ingredients that were no longer used or out-of-date. He wanted them edited to create space in the pantry and make items easier to access. He also wanted there to be more defined zones so their morning routine could be kept to one area of the kitchen.

To do this, we created an area for everything they needed first thing each morning, like daily supplements, tea and coffee. We edited the pantry before categorising and containing all
of the ingredients in zones, to create more structure. The shelves were very deep so using pantry boxes kept ingredients from getting lost on the shelves.

We reorganised the utensils and added drawer inserts to divide the categories and make items easier to locate when cooking.

"Your team did an excellent job! I'm very happy with the outcome."

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