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With a new baby, our client and her husband wanted a kitchen that made daily routines easier and more efficient. They also wanted the laundry room to have more storage and the entryway way less cluttered.



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The cooking station

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To organise the kitchen, entryway and laundry room

Our client had recently given birth and wanted space created in the cupboards to store baby products. Her husband loved to cook and wanted a better layout that streamlined cooking and created more surface space for food prep.

To make the kitchen more functional, we created a cooking station by moving ingredients and cookware next to the hob and oven. We used storage boxes to make better use of cupboard space, which freed up an area for baby items and left the surfaces clear. To reduce clutter in the open-plan entryway, we added a filing box for paperwork and used an acacia tray for key storage that wasn’t only functional but looked beautiful too.

In the laundry room, we categorised the laundry products and stored them in boxes on a shelf so surfaces were clear and could be used during washing.

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