A Compact Kitchen in Camden

tidy kitchen cupboard 2

Our client wanted to create an easily maintainable and user-friendly kitchen for both himself and his flatmate to enjoy. He also wanted a kitchen that would inspire him to cook again.



Favourite Feature

The acrylic turntables.

Number of Hours

1 day

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To declutter and organise the small kitchen, improving its flow and functionality.

Our client found his kitchen inefficient and cluttered with ingredients he never used. He wanted a fresh start, storing only what was necessary and having surfaces free to make the shared kitchen really practical and easy to use.

Space planning was really important on this project as it was a small space. We created zones and rearranged the layout to make cooking and prep time more efficient. There were also a lot of ingredients that needed to be edited which helped free up space in the cupboards.

Using acrylic pantry boxes meant that all the ingredients could be easily seen and accessed, even in the tighter spaces.

"Monica was excellent and I am so happy with how the kitchen looks! It has made a huge difference."

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