A New Playroom in Chiswick

Children's doll's house

Recently moved into their new home, this family had two young children and so lots of toys! With a young baby and pre-schooler, our client was struggling to juggle the family routine with work and setting up her new home in a way that functioned well for the whole family. Transforming the playroom from a store of unpacked boxes, into a space to keep the children entertained as well as being easy to tidy was top of the list of priorities.



Favourite Feature

The accessible children’s toy storage

Number of Hours

1 days

Services Provided

Unpacking, Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To create a space where the children could play independently. Their toys needed to be accessible so they could reach what they wanted to play with, and the client wanted easy to use systems so that the children, their grandparents and their nanny all knew where everything lived, so could help to keep the room tidy.

Having only recently moved in, this room was a bit of a blank canvas for the family. They’d not yet thought about permanent, built in storage, so were making do with furniture from their previous home. Being a small room, space was also at a bit of a premium, so we needed to think creatively about how to make the most of every square inch.

The layout was arranged to create a craft and activity corner where the children could explore their creativity. Pretend play and construction toys were sorted and grouped in large, accessible boxes to allow the kids to reach what they wanted to play with, and to make it easier for the children to put them away too. Using zip mesh pouches to contain puzzle and game pieces freed up space and allowed them to be stored neatly together in drawer units.

Everything was well labelled, so that the grown ups who looked after the children all knew where things went, and could easily keep the room tidy.

"Very happy with how it all turned out…the playroom is 100 times easier to clean!"

If unpacking after a new move is making you feel overwhelmed, we can help. Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help make your home better.

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