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With a busy home life and a passion for cooking, our client spends a lot of time in the kitchen and wanted a space that worked really well and was enjoyable to be in. Not only did she need it to work better for day-to-day cooking, but as her large extended family were regular guests, she needed a space she could also host in.



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To organise an open plan kitchen and improve how it functioned for large family gatherings.

The kitchen needed to be a multifunctional space and have clear zones as it was doubling up as a low-maintenance, but highly functional family kitchen as well as a stylish space to entertain. The focus had to be on smart storage and efficient space planning to help the kitchen run as smoothly as possible.

Reworking the pantry, we decanted dry ingredients into bamboo lidded jars and dedicated a cupboard to any spare ingredients. Freeing up space in the pantry meant that cooking would be much easier, with everything now visible and quick to grab. We also relocated the serveware so it was still accessible but no longer stealing space in the cooking zone.

A standout for us was the client’s amazing range of spices – her family kept giving her more and more! Using matching bamboo lidded jars and drawer inserts, we created two spice drawers next to the stove for ultimate accessibility. They looked so beautiful with all the colourful herbs and spices on display!

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