A Functional Dining Room in Notting Hill


Our client and her family had recently relocated from Berlin into an apartment in Notting Hill. The smaller layout of the apartment meant the dining room cupboards needed to store all the cleaning and home products, linen, serving dishes and drinks backstock, so they had to be really efficient and streamlined.



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The file-folded linen

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2 days

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To organise the dining room storage after a move-in

With a love of hosting dinner parties, our client wanted to be able to access her serving dishes, linen and table decor really easily. As they had just moved, there wasn’t much to declutter so the focus was on maximising the use of the space.

The linen had become jumbled so we created categories and added labels to make it easier to find things. We also introduced stackable storage to utilise the full height of the shelves and also created a cleaning product backstock area.

What transformed the cleaning area was the use of the command hooks to hold the duster, mop and dustpan. Having them hanging made them readily accessible and kept the space clear.

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