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After a few years in their rented home, our clients decided they wanted to declutter and organise the master and guest bedroom so clutter was reduced and wardrobe and bathroom items were easier to locate.



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To declutter and organise the master and guest bedroom

Our clients travelled a lot and wanted a system in place that made packing and unpacking quick and easy. They wanted to better utilise the storage in the guest bedroom wardrobe as well as both ensuite bathrooms, so surfaces could be kept clear.

After a big edit, we reorganised the master wardrobe and added tension rod shelving to create more storage. To free up space, we prioritised the master wardrobe for regularly-worn items and moved formal and holiday clothes to the guest room. We also created a getting ready station by grouping all accessories and jewellery together in stackable drawers.

To streamline packing, we created a grab-and-go area for travel toiletries. We stored all medicines in the guest ensuite, separating categories to make finding the medicine they needed and keeping an eye on stock levels easier. This also freed up drawer and cupboard space in the master ensuite so all toiletries could be stored away and the counters were clear.

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