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Our client and her family had just moved into a new house and although everything had been unpacked, she wanted the kitchen organised so it was streamlined and looked beautiful. She was 8 months pregnant and needed the nursery up and running too.



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To organise the kitchen and nursery after a move-in.

With a busy job and homelife, our client wanted help with space planning and creating a functional family kitchen. Not everything had arrived yet so shelf space and storage needed to be factored in for missing items. In the nursery, there was new furniture that needed to be built and a changing station needed to be created.

In the kitchen, we created clear zones for cooking, pantry, kids and cleaning so categories were concentrated together and daily tasks would be simple. There was lots of deep shelving so using pantry boxes to store dry ingredients made them easier to access and meant nothing could get lost at the back of the shelf.

In the nursery, we separated clothes into ages and used labels so everything was easy to find. We installed a basket for toys and rearranged the space so the nappy bin, dresser, laundry bin and changing mat were all close together.

To create a breakfast station, we decanted teas, coffees and cereals and placed them next to the coffee machine and kettle so everything for breakfast was in one place.

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