A Kitchen in Balham

organised spices

Our client loved entertaining and wanted a kitchen she could host in. She also wanted her kitchen to be more functional day-to-day with all items easily accessible.



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The decanted spices

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1 day

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To declutter and organise the kitchen

Our client needed her kitchen to be multifunctional and work both as an efficient kitchen for daily routines but also a great entertaining space – that looked beautiful too!

To streamline cooking and make ingredients more accessible, we stored oils, salts and vinegars on a turntable above the hob and the newly decanted spices on a shelf raiser in a close-by cupboard. We also made space for her new crockery set lower down so they were quick and easy to grab when she entertained.

We created a tea and coffee station to streamline our client’s morning routine by grouping teas, coffees and mugs in a cupboard next to the kettle.

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