A Living Room and Hallway in Norwood


Our client had two children and needed the living room to be multifunctional so they could both relax and study in the space. She also wanted the hallway to be clutter-free and the cupboard reorganised so items were easier to see.



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The new tv unit

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1 day

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Decluttering, Organising

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To organise the living room and create more storage in the hallway

Our client wanted her kids’ school supplies, games and crafts to be discreet and quick to pack away, so the living room was easy to tidy. In the hallway, she wanted shoe storage and more space created in the cupboards.

To create more storage in the living room, we installed a tv unit with cubbies to store craft supplies and games. We also replaced the old cabinet with a larger one that had a mixture of closed and open shelving, so our client could display books whilst storing her new paperwork system out of sight.

In the hallway, we installed a new shoe rack and used suspension rod shelving to create an extra shelf in the cupboard and store Christmas decorations out of the way.

To create the paperwork system, we used labelled file boxes so our client could separate new and old paperwork and find important documents easily.

"I am extremely happy with the services of the Home Organisation company. Monica and Eve were wonderful, they decluttered and organised my living room and Hallway with expertise and speed in which I would not have been able to do. I plan to call them back to help with other rooms."

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