A Living Room in Hammersmith

organising living room

Our client and her flatmate wanted to organise the living room cupboards so categories were easier to see and more items could be stored in the space. They also wanted to reorganise the shoe cupboard and create more shoe storage.



Favourite Feature

The water hyacinth baskets

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1 day

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Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To organise the living room cupboards and shoe storage

Our client needed her living room cupboards to be multifunctional – home supplies, games, shopping bags, bike equipment and gift wrap all needed to be stored in the space. She wanted the shoe storage to be more streamlined with designated areas for both her and her flatmates shoes.

In the built-in cupboards, we used a mixture of stackable storage and open boxes to separate categories and make the best use of the space. We separated bags by type and stored them in open boxes so they were quick to grab.

To create more shoe storage, we placed water hyacinth baskets underneath the bench so everyday shoes could be stored discreetly whilst still being easy to access.

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