A New Nursery in Queen’s Park

An organised nursery

With baby number two on the way soon, this family had just finished some renovations to create a new nursery, and play room space for their toddler. An amazing, light-filled room, this had potential to be a really lovely space to welcome a new arrival. With only a few weeks to go, the client was struggling to feel as prepared as she’d like to, and wanted help to transform the bones of the room into a place where she could enjoy time with her new baby and family.



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The reading nook for bedtime stories

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1 days

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To transform a brand new room into a cosy, space for the client’s toddler and new baby. To organise the toys from across the house, and create an easy to maintain system for passing down clothes from one child to the next.

The client’s family had just completed some renovations, turning a kitchen and living room into a large nursery and playroom for the new baby and their young son. Some changes to the layout and a new drawer unit helped to create a lovely space for the children to enjoy. We used a cube storage unit in the room, with some large boxes to store toys and books that the toddler could reach easily, and created a reading nook with a nursing chair which could double for bedtime stories.

Creating a changing zone for a new baby means having everything to hand. We used bamboo lidded boxes to store spare baby bedding keep things neat and tidy. Nappies and wipes were placed in easy reach, with backstock tucked away to make room for babygrows and bibs, and everything you might need to grab during a nappy change!

Having a second baby often means there are lots of clothes being passed down from an older child. This was the case in our client’s family, so we set up an area in a spare room and separated all of the clothes into age groups, so she could easily switch over the clothes as the baby grew.

"I can't imagine entering this special, but very intense time of life without The Home Organisation. The team transformed the room, so that when we got home and embarked on this new time, all we had to worry about was enjoying the house and our babies, rather than fretting over finding things or keeping things tidy."

If unpacking after a new move is making you feel overwhelmed, we can help. Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help make your home better.

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