A New Showroom in Brent Cross


Our client runs a growing table styling and prop hire company. She was moving her business into a new warehouse and asked our team to unpack and set up an efficient, working space.



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We loved all the beautiful crockery sets she wanted us to display!

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Unpacking, Organising

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To unpack and store prop and table styling items, and create a small office space for administrative tasks.

The large warehouse space was a blank canvas with only rows of industrial shelving. Our client’s business relies upon her being able to easily see and access her stock of thousands of cutlery, glassware, crockery and tableware props.

We designed an efficient layout for the space, with zones of shelving dedicated to different types of items, which were all sub categorised, colour coded and labelled. The result was a practical and adaptable system which could grow with the business. And having all of the beautiful products on display looked amazing!

The standout products were clear, stackable boxes. We needed to make most of the height of the space, so being able to stack was essential. As was being able to see the items, and keeping them protected from dust or damage, so they were the perfect solution for this amazing space.

"Thanks so much for everything! I could never have done it without you and your amazing team."

If unpacking after a new move is making you feel overwhelmed, we can help. Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can help make your home better.

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