A Playroom in Chelsea


With an open plan sitting room and young kids, our client wanted to condense the toys in the sitting room and create one central play area for kids.



Favourite Feature

The lego display area.

Number of Hours

1 day

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To edit toys and organise the play area in the sitting room

With two young children, toys tended to spread all over the sitting room. Our client wanted to create a clear play area, so the rest of the space could be hers. She also wanted the art supplies and board games to be separate from the toys and stored out of the way.

After an edit of the toys, we rearranged the layout of the room to create a defined play area. To make tidying up easier, we categorised the toys and used a mixture of big fabric boxes and pull-out drawers to store them in.

The eldest son loved his lego and needed a space to store his sets out of reach of his younger sister. Using a mixture of open shelves and cupboards, we were able to keep his lego safe and create a vibrant display with his favourite pieces.

"I loved the result very much, even my cleaner said it’s like magic!"

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