A Smart Wardrobe in Queen’s Park

organised wardrobe

Our client shared a wardrobe with her husband and wanted the space to be user-friendly and easy to maintain.



Favourite Feature

The colour-coded jeans

Number of Hours

1 day

Services Provided

Decluttering, Organising

Number of Organisers



To organise the wardrobe

Our client wanted items she used most often in her wardrobe to be more accessible. Both her and her husband wanted getting ready to be easier and needed defined spaces for their belongings.

To create more space for frequently-worn clothes, we moved skiwear up to a higher shelf and stored it in a sealed fabric box to protect it from dust. We also moved sentimental clothes further up to allow space for her bags to be displayed and be easy to reach. As it was winter, we grouped summer clothes and stored them in a hanging space that was less accessible.

In the drawers, we used dividers and inserts to create more structure and help keep categories separated. Each category was labelled so items could easily be put back in the right place.

If you want to take control of your wardrobe and create a space that really works for you, get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation.

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