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Our client wanted her kids’ bedrooms organised so all toys were out of the way and there was more space for the kids to play.



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To organise the kids’ bedrooms and create more storage

Having only moved in last year, our client wanted more storage created in her kids’ bedrooms for their toys, so the space was easier to tidy and keep clear. The children both loved Lego and needed space to store their figurines.

In the boy’s bedroom, we swapped out the existing cubby inserts for sturdier blue ones, grouping toys, games and activity sets inside of them. We also installed pin boards for his posters, keeping them confined to one area and protecting the walls.

In the girl’s bedroom, we organised her dresser and bedside table drawers by using inserts to separate categories and prevent items from becoming jumbled.

In both bedrooms, we installed shelves to display their figurines and personal items, freeing-up surface space. We created colourful displays that looked great and became focal points of the rooms.

"The kids' rooms exceeded my expectations. It was a massive transformation!"

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